This is my official 90s Classic Draft Picks Project. As a kid opening these packs were fun to open knowing you could get an autographed card. Classic was ahead of their time and really started the prospecting trend. My goal is to complete these sets by trading, buying from members on here, or by busting the wax packs - I will not buy any from eBay or other sites as it would be too easy. This project is to take me back to how I collected as a kid and is for fun.

****I need your help to pull out all that 90s junk and help me complete these sets****

Below are the 3 sets I am focusing on right now. Once I complete one I will add other Classic Draft set to complete. I will track below what I get and who I got it from.

Thanks for everyones help, this is going to be a fun project!

1991 Classic Draft Picks Autographs - 4 Sports
2 Pat Falloon SN1100
3 Scott Niedermayer SN1250
4 Scott Lachance SN1100
6 Alek Stojanov SN950
8 Patrick Poulin SN1100
10 Tyler Wright SN950
11 Philippe Boucher SN1150
12 Pat Peake SN1100
14 Brent Bilodeau SN1000
15 Glen Murray SN1100
16 Niklas Sundblad SN900
17 Martin Rucinsky SN1100
18 Trevor Halverson SN1100
19 Dean McAmmond SN1100
20 Ray Whitney SN2600
21 Rene Corbet SN950
22 Eric Lavigne SN1100
24 Steve Staios SN1100
25 Jim Campbell SN1100
26 Jassen Cullimore SN1000
28 Jamie Pushor SN1050
29 Donevan Hextall SN1100
30 Andrew Verner SN1200
31 Jason Dawe SN950
32 Jeff Nelson SN1100
33 Darcy Werenka SN1150
35 Francois Groleau SN1150
36 Guy Leveque SN1150
37 Jamie Matthews SN1100
38 Dody Wood SN1050
39 Yanic Perreault SN1100
40 Jamie McLennan SN1100
41 Yanick Dupre SN1050
42 Sandy McCarthy SN1150
43 Chris Osgood SN1100
44 Fredrik Lindquist SN1100
45 Jason Young SN1200
46 Steve Konowalchuk SN1350
47 Michael Nylander SN1100
48 Shane Pea**** SN1150
49 Yves Sarault SN1150
50 Marcel Cousineau SN1100
51 Brien Taylor SN2600
52 Mike Kelly SN2600
53 David McCarty SN2450
54 Dmitri Young SN2600
55 Joe Vitiello SN1900
56 Mark Smith SN1700
58 Shawn Estes SN2000
59 Doug Glanville SN2000
61 Cliff Floyd SN2000
62 Tyrone Hill SN1000
63 Eduardo Perez SN950
101 Frank Rodriguez SN1450
102 Rocket Ismail SN2000
103 Russell Maryland SN1000
150 Billy Owens SN2500
151 Dikembe Mutombo SN1000
153 Brian Williams SN1500
163 Stanley Roberts SN2000
218 Joey Hamilton SN2000 - Pack Pulled

1992 Classic Draft Picks Autographs - 4 Sports
NNO Jamie Arnold AU, SN1575
NNO Matt Blundin AU, SN1575
NNO Dwain Bostic AU, SN2075
NNO Jason Bowen AU, SN2075
NNO Dave Brown AU, SN1575
NNO Terrell Buckley AU, SN1475
NNO Jan Caloun AU, SN1975
NNO Quentin Coryatt AU, SN3500
NNO Todd Day AU, SN1575
NNO Ty Detmer AU, SN1475
NNO Jeffrey Hammonds AU, SN2950
NNO Roman Hamrlik AU, SN1550
NNO Rick Helling AU, SN2875
NNO Justin Hocking AU, SN2075
NNO Desmond Howard AU, SN975
NNO Cale Hulse AU, SN1850
NNO Jimmy Jackson AU, SN1575
NNO Pete Janicki AU, SN1875
NNO Derek Jeter AU, SN1125
NNO Adam Keefe AU, SN1575
NNO David Klingler AU, SN1125
NNO Christian Laettner AU, SN725
NNO Ryan Luzinski AU, SN1575
NNO Don MacLean AU, SN2575
NNO Tommy Maddox AU, SN4575
NNO Lee Mayberry AU, SN2575
NNO Joby Messier AU, SN1075
NNO Harold Miner AU, SN1475
NNO Boris Mironov AU, SN2075
NNO Sandy Moger AU, SN1075
NNO Derrick Moore AU, SN1575
NNO Alonzo Mourning AU, SN975
NNO Tracy Murray AU, SN1450
NNO Phil Nevin AU, SN1475
NNO Dwayne Norris AU, SN1075
NNO Shaquille O'Neal AU, SN150
NNO Mike Pawlawski AU, SN1475
NNO Carl Pickens AU, SN1475
NNO Libor Polasek AU, SN1950
NNO Mike Rathje AU, SN2075
NNO Manon Rheaume AU, SN1992
NNO Tony Sacca AU, SN1575
NNO Brian Sackinsky AU, SN1575
NNO Malik Sealy AU, SN1575
NNO Dan Serafini AU, SN1475
NNO Paul Shuey AU, SN4050
NNO Jason Smith AU, SN2075
NNO Tony Smith AU, SN3450
NNO David Spykstra AU, SN1575
NNO Siran Stacy AU, SN4325
NNO Cory Stillman AU, SN2125
NNO Jan Vopat AU, SN1775
NNO Derek Wallace AU, SN1475
NNO Clarence Weatherspoo AU, SN1575
NNO Casey Weldon AU, SN4350
NNO Walt Williams AU, SN2550
NNO Doug Zmolek AU, SN1075

1992 Classic Draft Picks Basketball
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