I'm a big Goodwin epack fan as I've spent almost $10-$15K opening packs over the past 2-3 years..I've pulled a lot of great stuff inc. a 2016 Ben Simmons Inscription (sold for $4000) and a 2016-17 Ben Simmons Exquisite which I sold for $8000..but this year is different...way different...I watch what's been pulled from the trading pages and since 2018 Goodwin has been released, I have yet to see even ONE Ben Simmons Patch Exquisite Auto pulled..there are 99 of them, and you'd think after almost 250 cases (as of Nov 9, 2018) that have been opened by customers that you'd see at LEAST one. I run a website for a living so I'm always online and I'm always checking the Goodwin pages to see if any have been pulled over the past 2-3 weeks since it's been released...I check every hour or two and i have not seen one pulled...I'm surprised nobody has posted about this...it looks like Upper Deck is holding back all the Ben Simmons Exquisites from this year...I know it's still early and it's been 250 cases, but 500-600 cases sold last year before selling out and 28-30 Exquisite Ben Simmons were pulled...this year as of 250 cases you'd think there would be 10-15 pulled, but none have see the light of day...Why Upper Deck appears to be scamming..er uh holding back the huge chase pull from 2018 Goodwin is the big question..