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Thread: Seeking a few Dodger autographs (Dayton, Coulombe, Thomas, Ferguson)

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    Seeking a few Dodger autographs (Dayton, Coulombe, Thomas, Ferguson)

    Looking for a few common/obscure Dodgers players. Would prefer a Dodger related card (MLB or MiLB) ideally, but will consider any card or flat item and may even consider other mediums as well. I've seen a few on eBay from time to time, but they were either too much $$ for my taste or not the ideal medium, so I thought I would reach out here to see if I had any better luck.

    Just to clarify on "too much" prices, 8x10 photos and cards that are $8-15, plus $4-6 s/h are too much for these guys. I was tempted to nab a Dayton for $5, but the guy wanted another $4 s/h. I know s/h is going to be a factor, but I am willing to go a cheaper route (like a PWE), since these guys are not exactly the the Kershaw league of skill & popularity! That is why finding an Elite or Heritage certified auto for something like $1.74 and have it shipped with my order is the ideal way to scratch off some of these pesky needs whenever that is a possibility. I also realize that since I don't have them yet, maybe they are harder to come by, so I will consider any asking price, but the higher amount I may pay will be reserved for the best combo of medium (DODGER CARDS) and signature options.

    Ian Thomas
    Daniel Coulombe
    Grant Dayton
    Caleb Ferguson (just debuted this past season, so maybe waiting a bit longer will help on this one)

    I have to say, the glut of obscure pitchers that either flash out quick or bounce around a few innings here and there have to be the bane of most team autograph collectors existence aside from the astronomically priced guys. it's nice to have those minor league sets that are chock full of autographs, but some guys still slip through with nothing and then become a PITA to find later!

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    DID any of them play in Arizona late season league ? -- Many on here go to spring / fall training league games - Arizona / Florida . One auto collector states they got 400 one day in Arizona. LMK where those played . BTW i chased one of my local team almost all season-- pitchers are a XXXX to get . I hosted two last year that we got to open up and sign more for the kids .

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