Hello peoples. Just found this page after getting some google itches. I wish I would have found this place a while ago, seems to be alot more happening here than what typically goes on over on the fcbk groups. Looking forward to meet some new traders and hopefully to be able to find some good bulk resale lots as often as I can afford to pick up more. If anyone in here is in the South Georgia/North Florida area be sure to add me to your friends list so we can chat and do some swapping back and forth.

Got a new shop online up and running last month officially but built it last summer and had to get all the bugs figured out before spending the money to activate it. It's not much yet though. I will be doing a massive upgrade on the layout and design very soon when I have the spare $ to do so. If you want to check out the site and leave me some feedback on this thread I would appreciate it. As I said before, it is due for a massive face-lift here in the next month or so hopefully. Good to meet you, glad to be here, and I hope to see you in the threads when I get in a reading mood lol. Later folks. The link to the site is www.krazy4kardboard.com if you'd like to check it out.

I load new stuff on there everyday. Be sure and read the pink banner at the top as it has a few tips to help make it easy to navigate. Massive amounts of stuff still to load. I think at last count I had about 75k cards to dig thru still to find the cherries that I want to put into the inventory. I gotta crash for now though as I've been fairly cross-eyed for about 2 hours now already so it will be pillow time here shortly. Don't be a stranger though. I'm here to meet new collector friends to buy from and sell to. Talk to ya later.