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    Quote Originally Posted by JVHaste View Post
    Wow, very nice. That booklet is so huge I bet Floyd Mayweather couldn't even handle it.

    Personally I think those booklet cards are impractical and a storage nightmare! I'd rather sell any book card I'd pull and buy a nice On Card Certified Autograph of a player I need for my collection.

    With all the proof I've dug up regarding card companies using TOTALLY FAKE "game-used" items (Pacific & Playoff, Donruss/Playoff then Panini) for cards, how can we believe ANY are real other than those with individual MLB Authentication stickers on each swatch? Then there's the card companies admittedly using Spring Training items and "special event" items. THESE ARE NOT REAL GAME-USED ITEMS!

    In 2001, it was well established with Beckett, Tuff Stuff, the card companies, and the Players Associations that game-used items MUST be items used in games that count towards the athletes career stats, period.
    Yet somewhere along the way, that establishment went out the window. Upper Deck started that mess in 2010 using FAKE college football jerseys & patches in products. So many collectors (and full time dealers too) became way too trusting of card companies after I got too sick to fight & report like I used to in 2009... sadly no one picked up where I left off as much as I tried to inspire that.

    In 2010 (and later) Upper Deck was using FAKE "game-used" college jersey patches that were sent to players, supposedly the players put the jerseys on & took them right off and MAGICALLY they were "game-used"; NO WAY SIR & THANK YOU UPPER DECK FOR SCREWING EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT A PATCH CARD OF NFL HOF players from that JUNK game-used product! We need to stop falling for JUNK cards like this & READ THE ENTIRE CARD BACKS! Because if you did read the entire card backs of these cards, you'd be as disgusted as I was in 2010!!! I posted this on my blogs, but they are free hard to find blogs (Google+, and Facebook "What Beckett Will Never Tell You" that are easy for me to use or I'd have to chose nothing at all.

    I think card companies first created these BOOKLET cards with displaying them in mind, but they failed to think of the fading that occurs when you do this (unless it's in a proper UV resistant holder AND placed in a dark enclosed cabinet with no direct light on the card anywhere- for display). Not all of us have display cabinets or the space to even put them.

    These days we can't even contact one person at any card company with any power to cause positive change. Topps outright BLOCKED collectors from being able to call or email anyone at Topps (like Executives other than USELESS Joe Kellachan) who should know what collectors are thinking (especially how Customer Service SCREWED so many of us over because their own Duryea, PA employees robbed them blind of OUR On Card Autograph redemption cards and replacement cards, so they (MINERVA OR SABRINA: the two CS Witches) sent us nothing but JUNK we never wanted from 2012-2016 (or later!).

    We need a few HEALTHY long time collectors who are well educated in many aspects of this hobby to fight card companies for everyone else. I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE!
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