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Thread: 2018 Topps Gallery SP needs

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    2018 Topps Gallery SP needs

    Iíve purchased enough of this product to build 2 complete base sets (1-150) and guessing close to a third one.
    Iím missing 14 SP cards to at least finish one actual complete set (1-200).
    Coincidence is I have 14 duplicate SP cards. (Which is now 15)
    So hopefully we can help each other out and trade SP for SP.
    Also. If anybody is working on the Artists Proof set or another parallel set. I have a bunch of duplicates there as well.

    Here are my needs for SP:

    151,153,154,155,156,160,163,174,181,189,190,191,19 3,194

    Here are my duplicates for trade:

    152,158,161,169,170,171,172,173,180,182,183,187,19 2,197,200

    Thanks in advance

    ADDED 192 to the available cards to trade

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