Hey there folks. Don't know if anyone is still following this thread but I have a new channel that is exclusively for new and vintage box breaks, unboxing from boxes in collections that I have picked up purchasing collections, etc. No content on my channel that is not directly card related. I would love it if ya'll would come and check it out and subscribe. I have a sick box on the way as I type this and I dont know much about it other than it has a few graded Ohtani's and most of it is all autographed and numbered. Also have a sealed box of 87 topps that will be in it as well. Super jacked to get that box in and will be doing a video on it being opened and searched though. Search for ELMO99120 Youtube and I hope to see you there.

Posting nearly everyday and I am about to go on the road driving truck so there will be a ton of on the road breaks as I am going to call them. Definitely not a channel out there that offers that. Hope to see you guys there.