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Thread: 2018 Topps Update Hobby Case Break

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    2018 Topps Update Hobby Case Break


    Topps Salue Autograph
    SA-TB Tyler Beede

    1983 Topps Anniversey Autograph
    83A-MC Mike Clevinger Black Parallel #d 19/99
    83A-WA Willy Adames


    Own The Name Nameplate Relic
    OTN-CM Carlos Martinez 1/1

    MLB Postseason Logo Manufactured Patches
    PSL-EH Eric Hosmer Gold Parallel 99/99
    PSL-HM Hideki Matsui

    All-Star Stitches
    Javier Baez Silver Parallel 35/50
    Gleyber Torres
    Jose Berrios
    Jose Ramirez
    Jean Segura
    Kenley Jansen
    Nick Markakis

    Parallels & Short Prints

    Super Short Prints
    US1 Shohei Ohtani (Pitching) SSP
    US218 Tyler O'Neill RC Variation SSP

    Short Prints
    US7 Babe Ruth SP, US9 Roberto Clemente SP, US68 Michael Soroka RC SP, US73 Marcell Ozuna SP, US110 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. RC SP
    US118 Bo Jackson SP, US174 Fernando Romero RC SP, US177 Mike Piazza SP, US217 Trevor Hoffman SP, US200 Gleyber Torres RC SP, US248 Christian Yelich SP

    Clear Acetate
    US274 Yairo Munoz RC 06/10

    Father's Day Powder Blue
    US63 Corey Dickerson 21/50

    Mother's Day Hot Pink
    US178 Danny Farquhar 04/50

    Independence Parallel
    US252 Ronald Acuna RC 14/76

    Black Parallel
    US109 Patrick Corbin (46/67), US121 George Springer (49/67), US142 Tyler Beede RC (02/67), US190 Mike Montgomery (39/67)

    Vintage Stock
    US9 Nick Kingham RC (28/99), US55 Mike Moustakas (94/99)

    Negative Parallel
    US80 Jonathan Pillar, US85 Josh Hader, US113 Jesus Aguilar

    Gold Parallel (Only the significant ones)
    US8 Manny Machado, US23 J.D. Martinez, US37 Javier Baez, US95 Dustin Fowler RC, US99 Gleyber Torres AS RC
    US159 Nolan Arenado, US176 Mike Trout, US200 Gleyber Torres RC, US270 Dereck Rodriguez RC, US285 Shohei Ohtani RD RC

    Rainbow Foil Parallel (Only the significant ones)
    US31 Jose Ramirez, US104 Juan Soto RC RC, US159 Nolan Arenado, US172 Aaron Judge, US218 Tyler O'Neill RC, US252 Ronald Acuna RD RC

    Don't Blink Red Parallel DB-7 Ichiro (08/10)
    Don't Blink Blue Parallel DB-17 Kris Bryant

    1983 Topps Black Parallel 83-41 Hyun-Jin Ryu (081/299)
    1983 Topps Blue Parallel 83-43 Aaron Judge, 83-46 Rhys Hoskins RC

    Topps Salute Gold Parallel S-37 Willy Adames RC 28/50
    Topps Salute Black Parallel S-22 Gleyber Torres RC (255/299)
    Topps Salute Blue Parallel S-39 Shohei Ohtani RC, S-42 Giancarlo Stanton

    An International Affair Black Parallel IA-13 Pedro Martinez (177/299)
    An International Affair Blue Parallel IA-8 Yoenis Cespedes, IA-48 Miguel Cabrera

    Look, I'm gonna be honest with you. I really need a job. And I will take any position, as long as it doesn't involve having sex with old ladies for money or bear traps. Those are my two bugaboos. While mulling over my resume feel free to check out my baseball card collection, it's small and simple, kinda like me - >>>>>

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    Very nice

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