I have the following large lot for sale. Everything is unpicked and is from boxes/packs that I have opened.


Sparkles (3):
Tyler Frank
Dane Dunning
Travis Swaggerty

Gold /50 (2):
Pedro Avila
Ke'Bryan Hayes

Blue /150 (2):
MacKenzie Gore
Shed Long

Purple /250 (3):
Brandon Marsh
Kyle Isbel
Grant Little

Light Blue /402 (9):
Nolan Gorman
Alec Bohm
Korey Holland
Brennen Davis
Jaren Kendall
Luken Baker
Josh Breaux
Aramis Ademan
Jeremy Eierman

Refractors (150):
Gorman x2
India x2

Color Paper:

Blue /150 (3):
Grant Witherspoon
Raynel Delgado
Drew Ellis

Purple /250 (4):
Nolan Gorman
Ke'Bryan Hayes
Jackson Goddard
Heliot Ramos

Light Blue /499 (8):
Justin Dunn
Lenny Torres
Sixto Sanchez
Jo Adell
Griffin Roberts
Luken Baker
Alex Kiriloff
Shed Long


Bowman Sterling (6)
98 Throwback (13)
Franchise Futures (25)
Recommended Viewing (25)

Roughly 6 boxes worth of the base chrome and base paper. Around 2400 total cards.

Asking $285 dlvd for everything.