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Thread: filling my sets

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    filling my sets

    i have been buying at ebay and when i buy a lot of lots i pile up dupes, i dont feel like doing the work selling my dupes off so looking to trade em to help me cut costs buying all the ones i need.. years 1960-1975 topps baseball i am buildling. some years i only need a few some i need over a 100... i also need 1 hockey card from 1972-1973 tops and i need a few 1968 topps football, need a few stand ups and mini posters that year too football.. need 2 game cards 1968 baseball..

    email me at i can send my ss showing what cards i need..

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    Mookie, I have a decent amount of Topps from the years you mention and I might also have some of the hockey that you're looking for.
    Feel free to send me your want list -
    I collect Phillies and Braves, so if you have anything that I need, maybe we can make a trade.
    I collect BRAVES ( and PHILLIES in a pinch )

    My Bucket:

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