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Thread: 2019 Lumberjack Bingo: Spring Training (Complete)

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    2019 Lumberjack Bingo: Spring Training (Complete)

    [MENTION=5359]clarkzac[/MENTION], [MENTION=18372]RagingAcid[/MENTION], [MENTION=10415]caster513[/MENTION], [MENTION=2055]metallicalex777[/MENTION], [MENTION=4428]MrMet[/MENTION], @game****fanatic, [MENTION=2671]aarne13[/MENTION], [MENTION=3354]SportsWriterMAB[/MENTION], [MENTION=5808]nerdherd020[/MENTION], [MENTION=10181]CFD1415[/MENTION], [MENTION=4030]michaelstepper[/MENTION]
    [MENTION=5090]oiccup41[/MENTION], [MENTION=1815]chippernate[/MENTION]

    The game starts Feb 21st. Full details below.

    Your saplings (game cards) are at the bottom of this post.

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Good luck and get chopping!


    After a 3 year hiatus, Lumberjack Bingo is back!

    If interested, please signup here:

    2019 Lumberjack Bingo Signup Thread

    This contest will run the entire 2019 season (at least that's the intent), and is split into two distinct games:

    1. Sapling (Spring Training): Feb 21 - March 27
    2. Tree (Regular Season): March 28 - Sept 29

    This thread focuses on spring training only, and serves as an introduction/warmup to the regular season game.

    A separate thread will be created for the regular season. That version will be full fledged and includes more challenges, more branches, and more prizes.


    Harvest your sapling by completing various objectives based on MLB spring training games.

    The first lumberjack (player) to harvest their sapling (complete all objectives) before the end of spring training wins an exciting prize pack.

    If no one does this, a random tiebreaker will be introduced.


    Each sapling is 100% randomly generated, and is comprised of 6 branches (levels) and a trunk (final challenge).

    Each branch features a number of boxscore scenarios. Simply find an exact match for each scenario to clear the branch.

    You must start with branch 1, and may only clear one branch at a time before moving down to the next branch.

    Once a branch has been cleared, you may begin working on the next branch on the same day, but may not use an earlier date to clear it.

    Unless otherwise specified, each scenario within a branch stands on its own and must be completed in a single game.

    However, some branches require all scenarios to be completed in the same day. Those branches are clearly marked.


    If you have trouble clearing a branch, you can ditch your axe in favor of a chainsaw for immediate completion.

    The chainsaw may not be used on the trunk.

    Each branch has 3 scenarios that will allow you to use your chainsaw.

    These scenarios are located in the lower left corner of your game card. A chainsaw may be used for a given branch if:

    1. The first team shown hits 3 or more home runs in a single game or
    2. The second team shown strikes out 12 or more opponents in a single game or
    3. The specific date shown in the far right column is met

    If any one of those three scenarios have been met, you have automatically cleared that branch and may start working on the next branch the same day.

    The first two chainsaw options can be a powerful advantage over your opponent because it can provide several additional days they may not have to complete the next branch.

    The third chainsaw option (date) only provides last minute relief from an extra stubborn branch, but still gives you a chance to win the game if others get hung up on the trunk.


    If you complete a branch, please post your achievement in this thread, along with the date each scenario was completed or the method/date a chainsaw was used.

    It's important (but not essential) to post your achievements; not only for others to verify if they wish, but also to help me confirm a winner.

    Otherwise, I'll post a reminder whenever possible when a branch's chainsaw date has been met so everyone can move on to the next branch.


    Clearing the trunk is the final stage of the game before harvesting your tree.

    Once you complete the objective shown in the trunk, congratulations! Your tree has been harvested. Please send me a PM with the date you completed the trunk.

    The first to do so wins the Timber Bounty. See below.


    The timber bounty will be a "wood grained" 1962 Topps PSA Graded HOF card. I will PM the winning lumberjack to arrange details.

    TOOLS OF THE TRADE must be used to harvest your sapling (traditional method or chainsaw).


    1. clarkzac
    2. RagingAcid
    3. caster513
    4. metallicalex777
    5. MrMet
    6. game****fanatic
    7. aarne13
    8. SportsWriterMAB
    9. nerdherd020
    10. CFD1415
    11. michaelstepper
    12. oiccup41
    13. chippernate
    14. Letch77
    15. Gwynn545
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