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Thread: COMC needs a message option

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    COMC needs a message option

    If for no other reason than to explain to a seller why you are rejecting a counteroffer for only a few cents more than your original offer. In this case, I had less than a buck left and thought I would give it a shot. The counter was pretty reasonable considering, but I don't want to load more credit on my account at the moment, so I have to decline because all I have left is what I offered!

    I know it wouldn't help in most cases, but I have also seen what I felt were overpriced items that I would like to offer on, but half off isn't even in the ballpark and you can't offer less than half (another weird policy/rule that makes little sense, given not everything is priced within reality). I suspect these sellers are unreasonable to begin with and a message to discuss a "reasonable" price would be pointless, but it would still be nice to try.

    Maybe COMC feels that part of their service is to protect the seller from potentially bothersome correspondence?

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    A lot of sellers say they use comc because there’s no messaging but I agree 100%. Sometimes I’ll make an offer for just a few cents cheaper to keep my balance at 3.99 to ship. If a seller knew that, I think they’d be more willing to accept it

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    When did EBay allow COMC to dump all their **** on there? Good god, sifting through BIN’s is a chore now

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