I have completed my move folks and thru some luck been able to continue life. I have new forms ready and will begin bulk subs again
Below is what I'll be running MAY & JUNE 2019. See me on both for forms.
PSA charges 25 cents per card for "declared value" which is English for "insurance"- subbers pay it on thick patch stuff and quick subs I don't I pay to get the sub there.

$7.50 per card 1999 or later only no pre-99 allowed
$8.00 per card regular bulk any years

$10.25 for thick /patch cards ( I have 20 in house need 30 more)
$20.25 for 25 business day service normal size max value $499 ( subbers split the return ship fee I pay to get it there always)

BGS sorry won't advertise it but 3rd column pricing is what I'll charge you sadly.''My email is jeffv96masters@gmail.com