I might as well go first since I created the thread. And honestly it is inspired by deaconblues63 and his 1st graded thread, proudly touting and deservedly so, his Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Auto 9.5.

So as some of you know I stepped away from the hobby from 2012 until I got back into it last spring. I didn't even frequent the message boards here for many years. I don't even know if I have shared this story since I started frequenting the boards again last year.
Anywhoo, the last card show I did before my hiatus was the National in Baltimore in 2012. I had a 2009 Bowman Draft Baseball 12-box Unopened Factory-Sealed Case which was hot at the time. Yes you heard that right, it was an Unopened, Factory Sealed 12-box Hobby Case of 2009 Bowman Draft Baseball. I sold it at the show for a really good price at the time..... $2,000. That was pretty much top dollar for it.
So when I got back into the hobby last year and looked at his prices I almost fell over because I had sold some of his base rookie auto's back in that time frame for $200 and refractor auto's for $300, and now they're worth thousands!
So back to the case, I was happy to get $2,000 for it as I paid around $750 as I recall, so that was a really nice profit and I couldn't complain.
Now for the really sad part of the story, the last unopened Hobby box of this product that I saw sell, sold for $4,000 by Steel City Collectibles. There's one seller on eBay who currently has one listed and he's asking $6,499.90 for it.
IF I had simply walked away from the hobby a few months earlier and had held that case until today, after talking to several people in the know, we surmise that that case could be worth upwards of between $60,000-$75,000 and perhaps more. There certainly can't be many out there and someone with big pockets would more than likely pay dearly for it.
So yeah I wish I had it back but I don't dwell on it anymore everyday. I've finally managed to have completely gotten over it at this point. Matter of fact it doesn't bother me at all now, no not one single bit! That is as long as I keep remembering to faithfully take my medication each and every day! ... !!

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