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Thread: Massively OC and new BGS info

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    Massively OC and new BGS info

    I had always been under the impression that there was a hard rule in BGS's grading algorithm that prevented a final grade from being more than 1.0 above the lowest sub. In fact, it's right there in the FAQ, though it actually doesn't state it in absolute terms. In a FB group, I came across an exception, the first one I've ever seen. It's a doozy.
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    The back is OK. And what's even more interesting is that they call it a Jeter card, not an A-Rod card. I guess they go by the card back to determine what it is.
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    Even more interesting, in the same thread, someone came out with a similar card, but this time the grades were very different.
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    The back on that card is the same Jeter, and they also call it a Jeter on the flip. I have no idea how the second one gets a 9.5, unless they are saying it's halfway between each card, therefore gemmintly centered (it's not but w/e). I suppose the Nixon/A-Rod card is given a center grade because it's 2 actual cards, not the sheet edge? Or else they just called it different than the other because it's all subjective anyway. The first card was graded 9/16/14, while the second card was graded 4/8/09.

    Further, the first card is called "Derek Jeter (Misprinted Front)" with a pop 1, and the second one is called just the regular "Derek Jeter" with pop 491, though it does have a note on the flip about the oddity. Now I wonder how many other oddities might be out there, disguised in the pop report.

    All sorts of neat info in these cards.
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    Grading is a scam

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