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Thread: Positive Ebay transaction warrants mention

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    Positive Ebay transaction warrants mention

    I know it is easy to complain about something bad that has happened and it is much less frequent unfortunately that we praise good things. I thought I would make mention of one of those positive transactions, that actually involve two members. I don't think the details of one specific seller are necessary, as this was a unique situation that probably would not get them additional business, but still wanted to share. The other member, who does the art I will discuss below is ebay user id: sfzorroplayer.

    I have been working with sfzorroplayer who makes art cards. This person takes an original card and paints over it to create a design very close to the original of course, but with his own flair. He then sells the original as a 1/1 piece and makes print copies and sells them for a few bucks each. Kind of a twist on ACEO and custom cards rolled into one.

    I won a Garvey RC a few years back, then he didn't do any Garvey pieces for a while. Not that long ago, another Garvey piece popped up. I missed out, but he had added another by then, so I won that and then asked if he would give me the opportunity to have him create new cards at my request. He agreed and I essentially comissioned him to do other years. I would also buy a few of the print cards for each. If you like that kind of thing, check out his listings. Even if you don't want to pony up for an original (and they are not any more costly than some sketch cards are), the prints are neat and cheap!

    Part two of this story involves another ebay member. Most of the pieces sfzorroplayer has done included the original card, but he wanted a bit more for the 72 T Garvey because he didn't have one and would have to buy it. Plus it is a semi high number and can sell for much more than the average Garvey card. He agreed to let me provide my own Garvey card, so I set out to find a cheap enough one on ebay that would make a decent base for the art card, but that I didn't mind taking out of circulation, so to speak. Obviously once painted, the card is no longer collectible as an original 72 Topps.

    For several weeks I struggled to find a copy that was either not beat up too much, off center or just too nice and therefore too expensive. I must have bid on 20+ 72 Topps Garvey cards, losing them all! Finally, this past week I won a decent copy for only $8!

    At that point, it occured to me that I would have to pay for the card to be shipped to me (standard operating procedure) and then I would have to send it to sfzorroplayer so that he could work his magic on it. Although not the end of the world, I was paying twice to ship the same card, so I decided to ask the seller if he would mind shipping direct. I realize that this opens up the seller to more risk. I don't think it is against the rules, but an odd request none the less. The seller was initially concerned about being liable for the card, but I explained that as long as they provided it as advertised, I would assume all responsibility if it became loss or damaged in route. They agreed and shipped the card. It arrived to sfzorroplayer yesterday, so now I anxiously await what he will do to redesign the card and then delivery of my new custom Garvey piece. I'll try to remember to share it once he finishes and it arrives.

    So, there you have it. Two ebay sellers who have gone above and beyond in my opinion. A fresh relief from all the scamming, poor packaging, slow shipping, reprint selling (with a hint that it MIGHT be real), sending not as advertised sellers out there. I know the majority of ebay users are good people, but the select few d-bags tend to stabnd out, so this is my way to recognize the good.
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    Cool, thanks for posting...
    Don't forget to use the FCB Link when buying on eBay!

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    That Brett is awesome, always one of my favorite cards. He was my favorite player growing up and 1979 was the first year I collected.

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