I'd like to try something and see if it catches on. If you are anything like me, a lot of these trading card sites have gotten extremely stale. New releases and the latest prospects are often dominating the discussions, toss in a scandal or a tragic death now and again, but otherwise it is more of the same. I also realize that everyone had different collecting interests, so the new releases and hot prospects may just be what floats just about everyone's boat, but there are enough members who just don't find anything about that interesting.

That being said, I personally find the informative posts about cards or memorabilia to be the most interesting. If you have someone who likes to write and share, you can find yourself heavily absorbed into one of those "post a day" types, eagerly awaiting the next installment. Something that drives you to want to log on and check out the site. However, it is also hard to maintain that kind of production over time. We have seen guys doing favorite players, team autographs and a variety of other show and tell threads, but the best ones for me also add a little bit more detail. Why is this player's autograph so significant? How was this card issued and why might it be so hard to find? This item was issued in 7 different color variations and here is what you needed to do to get them all. Stuff like that.

This has all built up to what I want to try here. I have been a lover of the unique for most of my collecting career. Everyone would buy the standard packs of cards each year, but fewer dug out the 3-D cards from cereal boxes or cut the panels from the bottom of Hostess snacks. How many mailed in for that wrapper redemption? Who went to the local fast food joint religiously to gather up the special issue they were giving out with purchase? How many went to a game just for the stadium Give Away (SGA)? Sometimes those were regionally driven, other times nationally distributed, but in the end, they were not considered mainstream issues. I am hoping that we can generate enough interest in this, as there is no set of rules as to what can be shared. I would only ask that we don't include pack pulled items, unless those packs were special in some way as well, such as a once per year store promotion, for example. At the same time, I want a small back story, not just a picture. Yes, here is a photo of an oddball item. Great, but how did you get it? When was it offered and where? Was it free or did you have to buy it? If you didn't get it originally, do you know the back story or did you just see something cool on ebay and you bought it?

I will get it started and hope that others share as well and we can create a lasting and informative thread that might even get the elusive sticky!