Alright wierdos. Check in now. Don't make me go all Jigsaw on your asses.

Lemme start with a few things baseballl and card related.

1) Jorge De La Rosa. All-time wins leader for youuuuuuur Colorado Rockies. In franchise history, 27 years, he's tops with 86 wins. I'm not talking smak about Jorge one bit. He was a good pitcher for us. But 27 years and that's your leader? 9 wins per year over 10 years? Get the f*ck outta here. Pitching here at Coors is the problem, but it ain't the altitude bro. It's the management and the stiffs they keep plugging into the starting 5....

2) Ye olde Alomar collection. Up to 4259 unique cards. But getting damn hard to find new ones, aside from new releases. Topps & Co keep pumping out trillions of new cards despite the fact that homeboy has been retired since 2004. Don't matter. 342 new cards this near, and we have 25% of the year left. That's already the most cards since the last year he played, which was 2004. Good job guys.

3) Related note. Need to make a new card post on my Alomar thread. Like anyone cares! But it is the chronicle of that which I'm currently obsessed with, and spending money I don't have on. At least I should write about it. Right? Bueller? Nah. I'm gonna write about it for my own self

4) Trump is truly the ultimate f*ckhead of the world right now. Not greatest madman or murder, just greatest f*ckhead. There I said it. Let's spice this night crew thread up with some politics!

5) Actually, does anyone here disagree with number 4? Seriously. I won't even talk sh*t. I've already said my peace. Chime in....