To any of you using the free Gixen snipe service, changes were implemented today that limit the number of free bids you can register/win. It is something like 4 wins/mo (I didn't stick around to read the fine print). Anyone using the site extensively, like myself, will essentially need to subscribe to mirror now. I did subscribe, as the fee is pretty low considering all the time necessary to monitor bids ending at all hours of the day and the convenience of not having to log on to ebay at say the middle of my work day to fire off a last second bid. However, free is always good and I had been using the free service the last several years after paying a subscription a few years prior. Having the back up server piece of mind doesn't hurt either, since it is now effectively a fee service.

If you can get by with 4 winning bids per month, then nothing has to change.

If there are other totally free snipe sites out there, then maybe that is going to be your new go-to. I am OK with the $6 annual (50 cents per month!) fee for now, given the number of bids I register each month.