Thanks for posting this great discussion. Agree with all the comments on collecting what you like and however you like. Pursue your hobby collecting happiness however you want! With that said, I started collecting in the 80's and loved all of them. Found vintage cards and fell in love with those over sized early to mid 50's cards. Came to realize that I really loved to read what the backs had. This led me to the all time favorite of 1955 Bowman and the T205 gold border tobacco cards and the really cool info they shared had me hooked.

As for the new age, I recall buying a few boxes of 1992 Topps and getting a "gold" card. They didn't call them variations back then, but guess that's what they were. There was a scratch off to get more of them and I though, cool, I'll try to get a set. Found out you could cheat the scratch off and win every time, poor smuck I was...I didn't know this till after Topps sent me cards that were gold but with "Winner" stamped on them too and I thought that stunk! I drifted away from collecting after this and focusing on school. Came back to the hobby in the late 90's to mid 2000's to drift away and back again. Found I enjoy sorting and stacking and looking for cameo cards of HOF players. One recent bright spot I"ve enjoyed is "breaking" where they sell teams from cases and you get all the cards from that team. I've always been a team collector without knowing it, so that's a pretty fun idea I don't think has been around so long but doesn't appear to be going away. I've written too long and you've probably stopped reading, but that sums up my collecting habits/tidbits. Wish I could organize and present my collection better if anyone has insight on that I'd love to hear your ideas.

Erwin, if you're still reading, tell me something from baseball that you love, player, team, story or anything baseball related and I'll locate something related and send it your way along with a note about why I think it's related. Baseball pen pal if you want one.

Thanks for reading and thanks to those who shared on this thread.