I think because I was able to snag a couple very low numbered versions early on, and because I needed him for my Dodgers auto collection, I began a quest to get all of the Brock Stewart autos from this issue. There were 5-6 of each type and I ended up getting all I believe. I don't have them photographed together yet, but will try to dig them out when I put the last one away.

I was able to get most of them quite cheap, including one of the press plates, but I think I am pretty safe in saying that there is not a great chance I will ever be able to make my investment grow much if at all. He has moved on from the Dddgers, but on the plus side, he was 4-0 this year for Toronto.

I know there are plenty of folks who have put together print runs of players who never panned out. You understand the passion and the disappointment too. This is probably the only large print run collection I have even seen to completion though myself, aside for Garvey runs.

Although technically a Dodger for these cards, not a logo in sight! Sad that this is what collecting has become these days with the licensing.

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