Once again folks PSA's quarterly specials are crap so below sub will occur over the next 3 months constantly.

FYI my bulks have beat the PSA averages by 30 days or more the last 6 subs -- just saying they must like how I do mine 😎. We should have the latest pop soon its in QA check 2 already after 47 business days.

My 1st supersize sub just left running another one below as well as I have more I want slabbed by spring. Please notate all the different subs below for PSA. Just running 1 each month on tickets / supersize / and the PSA/DNA the rest I run every 2 weeks. See me any questions and for updated forms


PSA PRICES ( includes per item declared value fee)

$8.25 per card for BULK any years 85 business days approximate I have 265 of my own sitting here waiting on others. This is the bulk $8.00 bulk fee with the PSA assessed 25 cent per item declared value fee on shipping.

$20.25 per card REGULAR service at 25 business day time approximate ( be advised these are averaging 41 business days)

$20.25 per item Supersize sub 25 business days approximate I have 26 sitting here waiting on others

$20.25 ticket sub these must go under "regular" rate I have 4 tickets here
You may be assessed an additional $10 fee by PSA if it requires a "supersize" holder
You may be assessed an additional $30 fee by PSA if it requires a "jumbo" holder
See me if you need measurements for ticket costs

$25.25 per item PSA / DNA sub- price is for normal players see me on stars
No minimum amount of items can do 1 item or 50 items
Advise on sheet whether you want just auto grading only= or if doing items on cards if you wanted auto and card grading both
Doing this sub for someone who expressed interest in it

Also running another REHOLDER sub I have another 4 in house already
$8.25 per item for re-slabs

BGS see me I run 10 and 20 business days to help people along with a 30 day no sub grade bulk
Not posting those prices. Email me at my jeffv96masters@gmail.com addy for info.

Any questions EMAIL works best