im making this lot available and its 1 hell of a lot
im working on a pic or 2 to post but the photo hosting sites dont seem to work for me .will add when i can.

dont ask for a " list " or " whats the top few cards "

what i post here is what i got
if interested in LOT please PM me for fastest response .
if not interested and just want to troll then keep going ..

there are 860 cards in this lot :
this lost contains :
Rookies , Base, parallels , refractors, inserts, some numbered , chrome , and a few diecuts .
( not every player has these but they are in there )
MULTIPLE YEARS as well older to newer ..
and to the buyer of this LOT
i am throwing in 18 bonus cards for free ...

im selling this LOT for $.85 a card x 860 + shipping
( not splitting the lot up it all goes at once)

will give it 72 hours to sell before i throw it on ebay .

heres whats in the LOT:

M. Trout 178 cards
P. Goldschmidt 10 cards
B. Posey 37 cards
B. Harper 83 cards
K. Bryant 96 cards
A. Pujols 66 cards
M. Stanton 3 cards
J. Verlander 15 cards
J. Altuve 31 cards
M. Machado 21 cards
J. Soto 3 cards
S. Ohtani 39 cards
J.D. Martinez 7 cards
C. Kershaw 25 cards
G. Stanton 25 cards
J. Votto 8 cards
S. Strasburg 21 cards
F. Lindor 26 cards
C. Correa 35 cards
F. Freeman 31 cards
F. Tatis Jr 3 cards
Z. Greinke ( few cards i had just thrown in not counted )
M. Betts 40 cards
N. Arenado 12 cards
M. Scherzer 7 cards
J. Donaldson 11 cards
A. Bregman 27 cards