You are correct sir. I think hipster/yuppie infestations are a fairly widespread problem, but the Denver area is still a major hotspot.

I live in Lafayette, and our first brewpub opened in 2013. At the time I knew that meant we had reached a tipping point. Now we have no less than 9 brewpubs/distillieries/cideries in a city of 28,000. And the composition of people you see walking down the street is just different. Of course the chicks in their yoga pants are an upgrade in terms of scenery, but otherwise I can do without them. Their lifestyles are just one image-conscious affectation after another, and they offer nothing but self-absorption with zero self-awareness to go along with it.

When they decide to invade an area, I think overall the positive things they bring are greatly outweighed by the negative. Now we are getting 3-4 story yuppie hives being built on every street corner, just like Denver. Textbook gentrification.

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"bi the garage"

Yeah, SP used to do just a little bit of hipster bashing but nowadays they dedicate full episodes to it. (which I like)
I sense their increased irritation is due to CO getting overrun by hipsters/SJW in recent years.. am I correct?