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Thread: Dave Righetti & Yordan Alvarez

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    Dave Righetti & Yordan Alvarez

    Did you ever think you'd see those two names together?

    Yordan won ROY this year but won't have an "official" rc until the year after he won it.

    Last time this happened was in 1981 when Righetti won ROY.

    And yes, I'm counting XRC as rc.

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    Didn't know that. I always thought Topps introduced the boxed set high series just because of Fernandomania. It's surprising Righetti wasn't in that set, especially considering he had a one-game debut in 1979. Actually, looking at his 1981 season, he was only in 4 games before the strike. He had a great run afterwards, but I'd guess it was too late for them to jam him in the set.

    But yeah, that's when the RC really started taking on a life of its own. The idea that collectors want cards of dudes as soon as possible, irrelevant of their major league debut, soon took root and before long you ended up with cards of guys 5+ years before they actually hit the majors.
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