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Thread: Serial Numbered Cards of Significance (4/25)

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    Serial Numbered Cards of Significance (4/25)

    Some of us collect them, many don't seem to care. Some sellers make a huge deal to advertise a uniform number in hopes of a nice premium to add to their bottom line, where others either don't know or don't care.

    I would have grabbed this at the BIN price no matter the serial number, although I had one copy already. I have not seen the 6/26 show up yet, which would be the one copy I desire the most. I don't recall if 8/25 has appeared either, but 4/25 showed up last week with a BIN of $75 and I couldn't hit the BIN button fast enough!

    I don't collect serial numbered cards of anyone but Garvey with any level of seriousness. Half the time, I would probably either not even notice or not be willing to pay any sort of premium. In this case, this is the cheapest copy of this card I have seen close and it's Gehrig's uniform number to boot! i'd say a nice score to share.

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    Hell.......yeah! Congratulations!

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