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Thread: Gunmen Attack Home Of Lloyd Irvin, Brandon Vera Inside

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    Gunmen Attack Home Of Lloyd Irvin, Brandon Vera Inside

    Gunmen Attack Home Of Lloyd Irvin, Brandon Vera Inside
    Date Added: October 07, 2008
    Story By: Will Hengelbrok

    How is this for complete bad-assness. From

    According to Irvin, the two gunman held Irvin, his son, wife and UFC light heavyweight contender Brandon Vera at gun point while demanding to be directed towards valuables like cash or jewelry.

    While one gunman held Irvin's family hostage, another gunman directed Irvin to the the master bedroom. According to Irvin, he led the gunman toward his bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Irvin said he noticed the other gunman was far enough away down the hall to make a move to disarm the attacker in his bedroom. Irvin, an expert in Sambo defensive gun and knife techniques, was able to get ahold of the gun in the attacker's hands, first separating the clip from the gun and then removing the gun from the attacker's hands.

    At that point, the attacker in Irvin's room ran yelling to his accomplice that Irvin had his gun and both gunman fled the house. It's not clear what, if anything, they were able to take with them. Police were called to the scene and have launched an investigation.

    According to Irvin, no one in his family was physically hurt, although the psychological trauma at this point is considerable.

    Luckily no one was hurt in the incident

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    Re: Gunmen Attack Home Of Lloyd Irvin, Brandon Vera Inside

    Very good story!

    Guys trained in Sambo and Krav Maga are people you never wanna point a gun or knife at because chances are, youre gonna get shot, stabbed, or a combination of both.

    They had a similar story on Elite last saturday where one of the fighters disarmed a gunman at an airport in Toronto I believe.

    Great to hear people fight back still!!

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