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Thread: The Next Olympic Gold Medalist to fight in MMA Might Be...

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    The Next Olympic Gold Medalist to fight in MMA Might Be...

    From: The Arizona Republic

    The pride of Maryvale, Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo may try his hand at MMA.

    Tapped In caught up with Cejudo, who won the 121-pound freestyle wrestling gold at Beijing in August, at the EVO MMA event earlier this month.

    TI: How long have you been an MMA fan?

    Cejudo: "I've been an MMA fan for a while. I've been watching since I was 7th or 8th grade."

    TI: What do you like about MMA?

    Cejudo: "The excitement. The fighting. People striking each other. The takedowns. The submissions. Basically, the full package."

    TI: Is MMA in your future?

    Cejudo: "It's a thought, for sure. I wouldn't be watching it if I wasn't thinking about it. Yeah, for sure. I think MMA is, well, it is the fastest growing sport. Definitely. It all depends on what's given."

    TI: What's next for you? Get ready for London?

    Cejudo: "I'm just relaxing with friends. That's about it for right now. And yeah, get ready for London. Maybe MMA."

    If Cejudo does go into MMA, he will have to gain about 5-15 pounds to compete in the bantamweight class, where New Mexico's Miguel Torres is the WEC champion.

    ...Sorry Kurt Angle fans would be very interesting to see a Torres / Cejudo fight, and I would love to watch it as both are very exciting and Cejudo did a great job in Beijing

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    Re: The Next Olympic Gold Medalist to fight in MMA Might Be...

    Actually, a Japanese wrestler named Ishii who won the gold this year is also looking to make his mma debut soon. Probably New Years Eve.

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