Dana White tells the Canadian Press he does not feel Brandon Vera has been the same since money became an issue:

“As soon as he had a few wins and all the money got involved and his new contract and his ex-manager and all that bull****, he’s changed. He’s not the same fighter he was. He needs to put all that **** behind him and he’s needs to come back and be the ****y, crazy Brandon Vera that I met a few years ago. That kid needs to come back. It seems that now the money’s involved, he doesn’t take chances like he used to, he doesn’t let his hands go like he used to. He’s got to come back and be the old Brandon Vera."

i agree with this completely. When Vera first started fighting, i didn't see any HW's at that time (Arlovski, Slyvia, etc) beating him. He was explosive and dominant. He took that long time off because of contract disputes/negotiations then came back to lose back to back to Slyvia and Werdum. Before that he had destroyed both Mir and Scherner. Then in his last fight he cut to 205 and looked like crap against a much lesser fighter in Reese Andy. He's going to be fighting Jardine tomorrow night and if he comes out like he has been in his last few fights, Jardine is going to decapitate him. If the old Vera shows up, this could be a bloodbath.