First and foremost, Things have gotten much better here, finished the move and have had a lot of good news on the twins. Mommy is much healthier now, but still at a very high risk. They are due Feb. 27th, but more than likely will come a bit earlier, however, as of right now, no more hospital visits or bedrest.

Still working on moving most of my collection....Here are the scans of some things I dont really want to move, but kind of have to. Dont mind trading, but prefer to sell.

Also, someone on here said I still owe them from our previous deal and I still have yet to get an email from them?? Please email at and let me know how much and what it was and I will get it taken care of.

Let me know---as most of you notice, mostly ebay scans...most of these cards were in my ebay store or came from ebay and just have not had the time to rescan them all. If you need to see a new scan, please let me know and I will do my best to get them to you quickly.