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Thread: Aleksander Emelianenko's Tattoos.

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    Aleksander Emelianenko's Tattoos.

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    Re: Aleksander Emelianenko's Tattoos.

    I saw all I needed to see on the first one.

    Nice Swastika.

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    Re: Aleksander Emelianenko's Tattoos.

    Quote Originally Posted by NECpilgrims8
    I saw all I needed to see on the first one.

    Nice Swastika.

    The guy seems like a real peach.

    * Right arm: Cathedral with five domes: symbolizes five years of imprisonment.
    * Shoulders: Stars: Symbolize a "career criminal" or Vor v Zakone in Russian (English translation: thief in law).
    * Right shoulder: cobweb: Aleksander did not explain its meaning other than saying that contrary to what has been suggested by some, it does not have anything to do with the Mafiya. In Russian prisons, tattoos using this symbol typically denote drug addiction or robbery.
    * Left shoulder: Russian script.
    * Left forearm: Half cat’s head, half skull: “Homo homini lupus est.” Translated: Man is a wolf to his fellow-man.
    * Back: Grim Reaper holding a baby.
    * Back: "Gott Mit Uns", meaning “God is with us” in German: for Aleksander, it’s a symbol of revival. This tattoo caused a controversy, since this slogan was written on belt buckles of German soldiers in the Second and Third Reich. For many Russian prisoners the phrase means you are totally opposed to the soviet penal system.[citation needed] This phrase was very popular among prisoners during the 60's and 70's, when the Soviet regime was at its worst.[citation needed]
    * Knees: Stars: symbolize that the owner will never be brought to his knees. These tattoos also stirred up controversy, after a picture published on his website revealed a swastika in the middle.[5]
    * Pirate tattoo: stands for article 167 of Russian Criminal Code: “armed robbery”.
    * “Fortis fortuna adiuvat” Translated: Fortune favors the bold.
    * A name on his lower abs (Maybe 'Marina'). Later covered by a tribal tattoo.
    * A spider web on scalp.

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