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Thread: Made my first Affliction purchase tonight.

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    Made my first Affliction purchase tonight.

    Had been looking for something pretty cool to buy Affliction brand wise, and since I hate black hoodies (I know, I'm racist ) and I'm a GSP fan, this thing just suited me perfectly. And that it's a pull over hood, and not a zip up, I hate zip up hoodies. It's the one I wanted, and had been looking at for a few weeks, and I went to the malls tonight to see if they had one, and Buckle had it. I am pretty stoked. Pics aren't actually mine, they are from an eBay auction and I saved them and uploaded them to my Bucket. Had to have Buckle order me an XL and ship it to my house, becuase they only had Larges and they will shrink and be too small.

    But check it out, it's pretty cool.

    Went to Dillards after that and they had a **** ton of Affliction stuff. Had a 'The Last Emperor' Fedor tee that I will probably pick up soon too. Had the Ryan Braun tee too. And a ****ing awesome GSP tee. Will probably purchase more Affliction gear in the future. I never see anyone wearing it around here, people only wear TapOut stuff, and I don't like that ****.

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    Re: Made my first Affliction purchase tonight.

    Honestly, nothing wrong with Tapout. Don't get sucked into that whole stigma about it.

    The best brands are...


    Those are the REAL brands to wear.

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