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Thread: Here is a Write of Couture talking about Lenar.

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    Here is a Write of Couture talking about Lenar.

    The belief of many MMA experts leading up to Randy Couture’s comeback fight against Tim Sylvia in March of 2007 was that “The Natural,” gifted as he was, just couldn’t overcome Sylvia’s massive size advantage.

    Couture was giving up six inches in height and some 40 pounds in weight, along with 13 years in age, in fighting for the first time in more than a year. At the time, the analysis made sense. After all, Couture’s difficulty in sizing up against super-sized heavyweights in losses to Ricco Rodriguez and Josh Barnett helped convince Couture to move to light heavyweight to extend his career.

    However, Couture used the time away from mixed martial arts to reinvent himself and retool his game—an over-40 renaissance that landed him on top 10 pound-for-pound lists after scintillating victories over Sylvia and Gabriel Gonzaga.

    Some 18 months later, after dispatching Sylvia in one of the most dominant performances of his career, Couture is hearing the same song, only a different verse.

    When Couture faces Brock Lesnar in the main event of UFC 91 on Nov. 15 in Las Vegas, the 45-year-old Couture will once again be the smaller man in the octagon. While he’ll be able to look the former WWE star in the eye, Couture will likely give away more than 45 pounds.

    It’s a scenario that Couture has attempted to simulate in his preparation for the fight.

    “I brought Josh Hendricks in. He’s actually fighting on the same card against Gabe Gonzaga,” Couture told ( “He’s a 245-pound guy with a wrestling background—a collegiate wrestler at Oklahoma State, my alma mater. I’ve got guys like Mike Whitehead and a bunch other guys that walk around 240, 250 with good, solid wrestling backgrounds. … We’ve got a good crew. They’re pushing me and ganging up on me. It’s hard to find guys like Brock that are that size and move the way he moves.”

    Lesnar represents an entirely different challenge for Couture than the one posed by Sylvia. Lesnar is quick and athletic. He also has wrestling skills on par with Couture’s. Sylvia had none of those attributes, and Couture took full advantage by initiating the striking with Sylvia, getting him to the ground in the first round and completely baffling and frustrating the champion. Couture expects to draw up a similar plan for Lesnar.

    “The more I can make a big guy like that move and make him work, and threaten to take him down … just because he’s 270 pounds doesn’t mean I can’t take him down. I’ve taken down bigger guys,” Couture said. “So, I can create that threat and that fear in his mind that he’s going to end up on the bottom, which is someplace he’s not used to being. Those are things that I can focus on, and use speed and mobility and those things as advantages for me.”

    While the match-up with Lesnar isn’t the one Couture—or many fans—coveted during his rift with the UFC, Couture’s desire to get back in the cage outweighed his craving to tangle with Fedor Emelianenko.

    “You have to keep things in perspective,” Couture said. “At 45 years old, the window is closing all the time, and that’s a realistic view. I’m the best fighter I’ve been right now, and I need to use these tools while they’re still here.”

    Steve Sievert is the lead staff writer and business columnist for He is also the former MMA beat writer and lead blogger for the Houston Chronicle.

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    Re: Here is a Write of Couture talking about Lenar.

    If that's Randy's Ace in the Hole (takedowns) then I'm afraid hes in for a tougher fight, and probably a loss.

    If we analyze the fight against Herring, we saw Brock dominate Heath on the ground, and never let him have the chance to get up after that massive hit that broke his orbital bone.

    If we say that because of Brock's weight and size advantage over Randy, and Randy's plan does go through that way, Brock should successfully be able to keep Randy on the ground the whole match, as he did with Herring.

    Dont forget Herring weighs about 25+ pounds more than Randy, and is bigger in size (Randy: 6'1, 220/Heath: 6'4, 250) look how Brock kept him planted and never let him move out of his mounts and clutches.

    And dont forget, Brock's wrestling skills are on par with Randy's (submissions are different story, but wrestling is close to equal) and both men have said this the whole time

    If that is Randy's plan, I think he'll lose, but, I think hes smart enough to know that and is just leading people on. He knows his best chances are to get Brock into the cage and go for the close-quarters submissions

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