Well I went to my first college games. Layola Marrymount beat OSU 2-0 and the Gophers beat Northwestern 8-3, with an amazing play at the plate to end it. I get there in the middle of the first for the OSU game and dropped my 20 dollars somewhere so I spent the rest of the first running around in and outside looking for it. I chair hopped the rest of the game because I could, I even sat with some scouts.

ANYWAY, my dad and this guy get to talking. Apparently this guy was the dad of one of the players. I was with a friend getting a dog, and I saw them talking so I went over there. We got to talking and he said, "Do you want to meet some of the players?" I said "Of course!" so after the game, we went down to the dugout to meet this guy. I got down there and stood there and didn't find him, and I was getting ready to leave until I spotted him. So I went over to him and he said, "wait right here" and leaves. About 5 minutes later he brings his son up. His name is Justin Gominsky, and he plays outfield. So we got to talking, and my dad popped the question "He has something for you to sign" (Not really a question I know) and he signed an un-used ticket voucher of mine, and his dad handed him a program from the game, and he signed that and gave it too me. I wasn't going to ask (because I don't ask unless the player is sheduled to be there, such as game or public appearences).

The only thing I regret, is that I didn't ask any questions. I had an oppurtunity, but my natural instict told me to say no. I have things I wish that I asked... but it's ok. I have a feeling there will be a next time.

Also this is the dumbest thing ever. They encouraged fans who caught foul balls to take them to the press box to redeem it for a "treat" which was a small bag of M&Ms... We tried convincing one of the players on the Wildcats to get us some balls. One of the foul balls hit the net and rolled down, got stuck, and dropped behind. I thought about getting it but someone got it many innings later... so I got shut out but that is ok.