Ok, so I've had these cards sitting in a box for a LONG time now and actually forgot about them for awhile. I'm looking for the 05-06 ITG Ultimate Redemption Letter cards. Does ITG still have the jersey I was supposed to win? I hope so, if not I hope I get something reasonable in return.

The 2 letter cards I need are "T" and "A". Now I absolutely do not care who the player on the card is nor will I pay much more because of who is on it. I am willing to offer up to $50 for each card. I have tracked sales on these incl. every one I've bought, most sell for around $30. I may even add in some extra cards of your player/team as well depends on what I have on hand.

The cards look like the ones below, which is a scan from the first set of letters I redeemed.

If you can help, leave a reply or send me a PM. Thanks!!!