Today was Penn State vs. MN, last game at the Dome for the year so I went. There were about 400 people there.

Really great experience, I should have gotton some balls (but I didn't) and I met the #1 fan (literally, interesting story, keep reading) and 4 or 5 players.

The biggest Gopher baseball fan was a older woman, who knew everything about the players and coaches. Im not kidding. I sat down in the same row and I thought she was a crazy fan, but she referred to herself as the #1 fan. It was Senior Day so they let us on the field after the game ( ) and she would go up to the players with her stat book and have them sign it, but all the players knew her... it was kinda cool.

So here is what I got....

Ball 1:
Terry Ryan on the SS. Former President or GM (I can't remember) of the Twins. He sat behind us so I went and talked to him after the game and got him to sign a ball

Ball 2:
John Anderson, Coach (on the SS, with my REALLY crappy pen so it is really smudged)
Senior Catcher (today he was 5-5 with a HR, 3B, and 3 1B.) Kyle Knudson (that was the one I wanted)
Mike Kwazniak (forgive the spelling, kid had a diving catch today, could possibly get drafted)
Justin Gominsky (, I already had his autograph but he was passing under into the dugout so I figured I would have him sign my ball, he remembered me which was cool.)
AJ Pettersen (Sophmore, Shortstop, Leadoff hitter... One of my favorite players)

I should have had Kyle sign my "Ticket Stubb" or program but I sticked to this.

As for GU:
AJ Pettersen's pen... lol he had a pen and he signed the ball and tossed the pen back up, I told him it wasn't mine and he said keep it anyway lol.

I shoulda grabbed some balls. There were a lot in the outfield stands (which was blocked off by a rope, which was a restriction to seating (except for Goldy), they let kids go over to get balls which they wanted returned to the press box for a small bag of M&Ms, which most people just kept them). All the balls out there except for Kyle's HMR were all practice balls... I shoulda got his homer....

I shoulda got more signatures too.... oh well