In the clutter of my room I found a small project I decided to start at the beginnning of the school year (to get 100 autograph cards TTM but I failed miserably)

And I found it! It was lost for quite some time.... here is what I have:

Jason Wong (x4)
Andy LaRoche
Pete Weber
Herb Simpson
James Laurinaitis
Rick Cerone
Jimmy Key (x2)
Sparky Anderson
Johnny Grubb
Bobby Bonilla
Jim McMahon (x2)
Mike Lalor (x3)
Aaron Broten (x3)
Pat Neshek
Gordie Roberts (x2)
Herschel Walker
Matt Kenseth (x2
Mike Peluso
Rejean Lemlin (x2)

and it isnt in my sleeves but I also have a Mike Kingery

All in all it is nice and I may get 1-2 back before the school year ends (6 days, 7 total possible maildays) so we will see.

I sent 4 out today, and I have about 15 others I sent out last Tuesday, and another 15 or so to send out this week. PLus I am writing to a few guys tonight, so this will get interesting.