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Thread: Players who went above and beyond while TTMing

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    Players who went above and beyond while TTMing

    For me:
    Virgil Trucks- Wrote a note, and added several signed cards.
    Joe DiGangi- Sent an extra envelope full of signed cards and pictures.
    Roy Face- Sent a 1960s signed picture.
    Ed Kirkpatrick- Added his RC signed by two players.
    George Kell- Added two signed cards.
    Jerry Dior- Sent 8x10. He went to the post office, and paid for everything.
    Jesse Crain- Wrote a nice note back.

    I love it when things like this happen. I sometimes send a thank you note.

    Anyone else have stories? I know a lot of people have received signed ROMLBs from Selig.

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    Re: Players who went above and beyond while TTMing

    Dickie V sent me a bunch of newspaper articles and stuff of him signed.
    Al Cervi sent a bunch of extra 4x6's signed
    Ted Lindsay sent extra cards signed
    Bubba Smith sent me a couple of extra 8x10's of him in his workout video autographed, I felt like George Costanza opening up my pictures with a random man in a leotard staring back at me, I will never forget it!

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    Re: Players who went above and beyond while TTMing

    Varly sent me 2 sugned russian card
    Brian Pothier sent me a bonus card
    Roy Sievers sent we 2 bonus cards
    Ted Lindsay sent me an extra bio pamflet thing
    Michal Pivonka sent me 2 extra cards
    Mike Fitzgerald sent an extra signed bible card

    "I don't lose sleep at night because my salary is X amount of dollars when I think it should be Y amount of dollars.
    I lose sleep at night because I've been in the league five years and we still haven't won a championship.
    I wake up in the middle night frustrated because we lost out in the first round and
    I want to see our players hoist the Stanley Cup.
    That's why I lose sleep. I don't worry about 13 months from now not having a paycheck."
    - Brooks Laich, on entering the final year of his current contract

    Liberen A Wilson!!

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    Re: Players who went above and beyond while TTMing

    Only once have I sent a thank you back and this was to a pretty cool guy, (I got a small note from Herb Simpson... but here is what I got from another Negro Leaguer...)

    His own personal envelope and stamp (sent to Mr. (my name) )
    My return address as well was put on there

    and inside was 3 things...

    1 Typed letter, (inscribed with Dear Taylor, 16 April 2009) about the players carrer

    1 Handwritten letter that says:

    Hello Taylor,

    Thank You for the nice letter and the gracious donation (I sent him a few bucks). I enjoy hearing from baseball fans.
    I had an exciting baseball carrer in the Negro League, Hitting Home Run's and winning ball games. Playing alongside of baseball stars, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Monte Irvin, and many more I could mention. That was a highlight of my carrer. I have no regrets, just proud to be a member of the Negro League.
    Enclosed is a history of my baseball carrer playing in the Negro League. Hope this will answer your question,

    (signed the letter)

    and 1 handwritten index card that says
    "Remember: Winning ball games is not always by Luck, it is how you play the game. Keep your eye on the ball, you will never hit it if you can't see it."


    He is John "mule" miles, the best TTMer EVER!

    I have to send a ball and card to him, but that will be all the requests I send to him. What a great guy

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