Made it to both Stinger games and whaddya know! Aaron Barber showed up! I contacted the team's fanpage on Facebook this morning to see if they were going to be there and they said "No, but it IS Dora the Explorer Night!" Yay... well actually I was going to grab an auto for my sister, but you had to have a meet and greet ticket.

So they let him throw out the first pitch, and even better, he sat in our row! I didn't want to bother him while he was watching the game, so I went up when he went to concessions and he signed my stubb,

Best Wishes To Taylor, Aaron Barber.

Apparently, he is either a naitive or grew up in Willmar, and he stayed the night and participated (and won) a local golf tourney, so he must have decided to come back. No Kevin Lynch though!

Also got shut out by the Stingers (not my choice, the grandfather wanted to leave). I wanted either Jordan Smith (NSIC Player of the Year) or Curtis Pormelle (Spelling????) (former MLB draft pick, probably will re-enter next year) on my OLB. I will hopefully make it to another couple games this year to get these guys.

Games were good. They split the 2 seven-inning games, 3 home runs total, one for the Stingers.

Isaac Ballou, our CF, hit a ball and busted his bat that came INCHES from the 1B coach's noggin, and his next ups, he broke his bat again and it made a perfect run down the first base line (not even kidding, that sucker was headed on a direct path right twards the bag)