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Thread: Does a TTM signer ever haunt you?

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    Does a TTM signer ever haunt you?

    What I mean is, do you ever send out a card and you keep ending up with cards of that player? It is happening with Tim Wallach and Jimmy Key a lot. I keep finding their cards! I sent to Key 3 times and I got a success 3 times. I have to send to him 1ce more to get my Fan Favorites card signed but then my stash of 10 or so cards will be traded. I sent a few to Tim Wallach (I doubt he is going to respond... odd.) and I keep finding them!

    Also seems to be happening with Bobby Bonilla a bit... I sent to him once and found a few more cards that I will have him sign (my last time sending to him as well)

    Sparky Anderson isn't as bad but still... I sent once and got 1 card back, and I swore I wouldn't bother him again, until I found more cards of him... I sent 2 more and got the all famous index card back (that I think was thrown away)... and I got them back...

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    Re: Does a TTM signer ever haunt you?

    David Nied would probably be my top buy in this category.

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