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Thread: My FCB journey begins here...

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    My FCB journey begins here...

    Good afternoon everyone!
    I am Brent Williams of brentandbecca from eBay.
    I will be visiting here more regularly and wanted to introduce myself.

    Just a brief history:
    Location is NW Arkansas home of the Razorbacks
    Cards since 1985
    eBay since 1996
    Primary focus is baseball, with a secondary in football (I do also deal with NBA, Nascar, Hockey, MMA, SK, etc from time to time)
    Began busting cases to sell/collect since 1999
    Most cases ever broke in one year was 419
    Most ever of one product was 66 (07 Bowman Draft)
    Day Job is Bank VP & Manager
    Wife & I work primarily alone (she helps sort & ship, I do the rest)
    Wife's Day Job is a Sales Analyst for a WalMart vendor
    Best way to contact me is email (
    Twitter & eBay is brentandbecca

    Upcoming 2010 Breaks (bought EXCLUSIVELY from ATLANTA SPORTS CARDS):
    20 cases T206
    2 cases ELITE EXTRA BB
    30 cases TOPPS CHROME BB
    6 cases TOPPS PROD DEBUT II ??? (depends on release date)
    10 cases TOPPS CHROME FB (depends on release date)
    40 cases BOWMAN CHROME (selling some by the case; also depends on release date)
    60 cases BOWMAN DRAFT

    possibly a few cases of T Sterling, B Sterling, & B Platinum, amongst others

    I primarily bust 15-30 cases of each Topps baseball product
    I do not sell sealed cases (I did one time years back on Topps Mayo FB due to crazy ice storm & Topps changing content)
    I may have to sell cases of Topps Chrome FB & Bowman Chrome BB due to Topps piling all releases same week, but changes will occur I am sure

    I will try to visit regularly, but please know I can not answer every PM quickly during a break. I sell the majority of my stuff offline and usually BEFORE release hits...over the years I have developed big customers offline, so most sets and the biggest pulls rarely see eBay, although I do try to at least list them to give others the fair chance. It will be difficult for me to answer every request during a break as I do have ebay messages (100+ a day), emails from buyers, and other message board PMs, but I will try to make this board a primary location (along with Atlanta's forum).
    I am easy to work with, but have work loads and do have my day job, which is very important to me; yet I will do my best to help when I can.
    The best way to reach me is via twitter (brentandbecca) or email (; I may not see your PMs too often. Sorry in advance!

    I do not have a ton to say I guess. I do collect a few items I rip, and have perhaps the best Felix Jones & Darren McFadden collections in the world (with over 300 1/1), and soon to be Ryan Mallet collections :P

    I love baseball, love Topps, and love the set building products the most, but do rip a ton of Prospect stuff too

    Finally, thank you for having me, and thanks to Chris for reaching out & inviting me. ... rds?_rdc=1


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    Re: My FCB journey begins here...

    Welcome! Awesome to have you here. Will you be breaking Topps football tonight?

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    Re: My FCB journey begins here...

    Welcome aboard ! :P

    The BEST Josh Johnson collection you'll ever see

    JJ count: Total Cards: 2,443 Autographs = 886, 1/1's = 125, Patches = 228, Jerseys = 209, Buttons = 2 and MLB Logoman = 1

    Also collecting: Dennis Northcutt, Titus Young, Bilal Powell, Josh McCown, T.J. Graham, Gino Guidugli, A.J. Vanegas, Tony Zych, Philip Pfeiffer & Mike Sims-Walker.

    Trade list linkage

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