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Thread: Loaded! Lebron Rc Auto, Magic, Chris Paul Melo Kobe AU/GU's

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    Loaded! Lebron Rc Auto, Magic, Chris Paul Melo Kobe AU/GU's


    I haven't researched prices yet.. so if interested please feel free to make an offer and or inquire about specific cards and I can get you a price (though with'in the next day or so I will be listing prices!) Free shipping on all orders Min order is $10. Paypal Gift is the preferred payment method.


    Lebron James 2003/04 Hardcourt Clear Commemoratives Rc Auto #LJ-A

    Elvin Hayes Auto (3/5)
    Bill Walton Auto (1/5)
    Nate Thurmond Auto (2/5)
    Chris Paul (1/1)
    Carmelo Anthony Letterman Auto (5/5)
    Carlos Boozer Letterman Auto (1/1)
    Carmelo Anthony Bowman SOTF Auto Rc
    Carmelo Anthony Ultra Auto Rc (082/350)

    Paul Pierce On Card Auto (22/25)
    O.J. Mayo Cleveland TOTC Auto Rc (07/10)
    Stephen Curry Proof Auto Rc (23/49)
    Tony Parker Exquisite Auto (06/25) (Top right corner has a tiny ding)
    John Havlicek Auto (23/25)
    Brandon Roy SOTT Auto Rc (077/100)
    Kobe Bryant On Card Auto (76/99)
    Blake Griffin Patch Auto Rc (17/25)

    Shaquille O'Neal Auto (557/825)
    Paul Pierce Auto (1844/1999)
    Chris Paul 06/07 Exquisite GOLD (10/25)
    Carlos Boozer Jsy Auto (096/299)
    Carlos Boozer Murad T-51 Auto
    Chris Paul Jsy Auto (24/30)
    Chris Paul Auto (03/19)
    Chris Paul Upper Deck Auto

    Carmelo Anthony 4 Clr Prime Patch (04/25)
    Carmelo Anthony 2 Clr Prime Patch (06/25)
    Carmelo Anthony Timeless 2 Clr Prime Patch (03/10)
    Ben Gordon Jsy Auto (05/10)
    Dwyane Wade Auto (030/190)
    Josh Smith Auto
    Yao Ming 3 Clr Quad Patch (23/25)
    Chris Bosh 4 Clr Dual Patch (01/03)

    Tracy McGradey Gemography Auto SP
    Carlos Boozer Auto (41/50)
    Calos Boozer Patch Auto (54/75)
    Carmelo Anthony Spotlight Auto (08/25)
    Carmelo Anthony Inkcredible Auto (36/49)
    Chris Bosh Jsy Auto Rc (06/50)
    Carlos Boozer 4 Clr Patch (16/35)
    Tag Team Quads Hamilton (Tag), Afflalo (Tag), Sharpe (Tag), Kwame Brown Lakers Logo (back of the card states used by Kwame Brown (as a member of the Lakers) (07/10)

    Chris Paul Ultimate Auto Rc
    Chris Paul SPx Jsy Auto Rc (014/750)
    Chris Paul, Chandler, Wright, Haluska Quad Auto (01/10)
    Chris Paul UD Premier Auto (06/25)
    Chris Paul Sweet Shot Radiance Auto
    Chris Paul Ultimate Signatures Auto
    Chris Paul Significance Auto
    Chris Paul Super Scripts Auto

    Brandon Roy UD Black 2 Clr Dual Jsy Rc (69/99)
    Stephen Curry Classics Jsy Rc (023/265)
    Stephen Curry Absolute Jsy Rc (139/249)
    Stephen Curry Studio Jsy Rc (076/249)
    Stephen Curry Skylines Jsy Rc (075/249)
    Lebron, Kobe, Garnett Jsy (64/99)
    Kobe, Odom Dual Jsy (5/9)
    Magic Johnson Jsy (060/100)

    Chris Paul 2 Clr Jsy Auto (02/25)
    Chris Paul Hornets Auto (13/25)
    Chris Paul All-Star Auto (03/25) His Jersey Number!
    Chris Paul Chronology Auto (95/99)
    Chris Paul Auto (07/35)
    Chris Paul Exquisite Auto (12/25)
    Evans, Flynn, Curry Triple Jsy (040/100)
    Dirk Nowitzki Exquisite Jumbo Jsy (06/50)

    Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Davis v Bosh, Calderon, Bargnani, Marion 4 on 4 Jsy (36/65) (Tor side posted in next scan!)
    Corey Brewer Jsy Auto Rc (075/299)
    Andre Iguodala Gemography Auto Rc
    Dwight Howard Gemography Auto Rc
    Chris Paul Star Signings Auto (14/20)
    Chris Paul On Card Auto (08/25)
    Durant, Westbrook, Green Triple Jsy (075/125)

    Lebron, Boozer, Marion, Dr J, Gervin, Bird 6 Piece Jsy (43/99) (Dr J, Gervin, Bird are in the next scan below!)
    Durant, Westbrook, Mason, Green Quad Jsy (34/35)
    Duncan, Hill, Bowen, Parker Quad Jsy (04/50)
    Kobe, Gordon, Richardson, Foye v Roy, Brewer, Mayo, McGrady (2nd half is pictured in the next scan below!)
    Tor Side of the Boston card in the Scan above

    Kevin Martin Auto (146/190)
    Karl Malone Gold Jsy (090/100)
    Ray Allen Gold Jsy (043/100)
    Kobe, Garnett, Duncan, Pippen Quad Jsy (30/50)
    Dr J Gervin Bird (back of the card in the above scan)
    Roy Brewer Mayo McGrady (back of the card in the above scan)

    JR Smith Finest Ref Auto Rc (059/179)
    Michael Beasley Auto (28/49)
    Michael Conley Auto (45/49)
    Thornton, Batum, Noah Auto (68/75)
    Kevin Durant, Marvin Williams Dual Auto
    Derrick Rose, Tyrus Thomas Dual Auto
    Spud Webb Auto
    Elgin Baylor Auto (011/107)

    Dwyane Wade Auto
    Magic Johnson Auto
    Kirk Hinrich Auto
    Ben Gordon Auto
    Jameer Nelson Auto Jsy Rc (077/169)
    Chauncey Billups 24 Karat Signatures Auto
    Russell Westbrook Rc Auto
    Jodie Meeks Auto (35/50)

    Jameer Nelson Rc Auto
    Deron Williams Auto
    Brandon Roy Rc Auto (281/399)
    Antwan Jamison On Card Auto
    Devin Harris Auto Jsy (23/25)
    Nate Archibald Auto (02/25)
    (2) Derrick Rose Bowman 48 Auto's

    JR Smith (Tag), Jerryd Bayless (Portland Logo) (02/10)
    Emeka Okafor 2 Clr Dual Patch (24/25)
    Brandon Jennings Auto Rc
    Carmelo Anthony Black Diamond Rc (072/100)
    Rudy Gay Auto (23/50)
    Jeff Green Auto Rc
    Maurice Williams Auto (060/100)
    Brad Miller Auto (22/99)

    Lebron, Yao, Brown and Bargnani, Bogut, Howard 6 Piece Jsy (Barg, Bogut, Howard in scan below) (83/99)
    Deron Williams 3 Clr Patch (20/40)
    Richard Jefferson Gemography Auto
    Mike Bibby Gemography Auto
    Jameer Nelson Gemography Auto
    Pau Gasol Gemography Auto
    JR Smith Geography Auto

    Baron Davis Auto (33/50)
    Al Thornton Auto (37/50)
    Shannon Brown SICK Quad Patch Auto Rc (01/10)
    Dwight Howard Auto (47/50)
    Russell Westbrook Auto Rc (284/599)
    Baron Davis Jsy Auto (02/25)
    Back of the card in the Scan above!

    Dwyane Wade Jsy
    Kevin Durant Jsy (019/100)
    Carmelo Anthony Jsy (091/100)
    Dwyane Wade Jsy (052/100)
    Mike Bibby Jsy Auto (50/50)
    Al Thornton Auto (08/50)
    Tayshaun Prince Limited Logo's 3 Clr Patch Auto (30/50)
    Chris Bosh Dual Jsy Auto (54/99)

    Dwyane Wade Century Stars Jsy (014/250)
    Dwyane Wade Full Court Jsy (486/499)
    Dwyane Wade Certified Jsy (32/50)
    Dwyane Wade Absolute Jsy (21/25)
    Kobe Century Stars Jsy (243/250)
    Kobe Sterling Jsy
    Kobe UD Jsy
    Kobe Absolute Jsy (096/100)

    8 Lebron Jerseys Black Diamond /250, Dual /155, Skylines /249

    Evans /25
    Melo /99
    Other #'ing can be seen in scan.

    Melo Jsy
    Melo Bowman Jsy (37/50)
    Melo Absolute Jsy (053/100)
    Melo Studio Jsy (124/249)
    Brandon Jennings Rc Jsy (060/299)
    Melo Black Diamond Jsy (004/250)
    Derrick Rose Jsy (372/500)
    Derrick Rose Goodwin Jsy

    Lebron Rookies
    D-Wade Topps Chrome Rc

    Melo Bowman Jsy Auto Rc
    Lebron BCCG 10 Rc
    Lebron Generic 10 Rc

    Lebron Generic 10 Rc
    Chris Paul Bowman Chrome BGS 9.5
    Chris Paul Finest Ref BCCG 10 Rc (308/359)

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    Re: Loaded! Lebron Rc Auto, Magic, Chris Paul Melo Kobe AU/GU's

    i dont want the wades anymore, thanks, could you sell me some of the lebrons as a lot, lmk
    I am looking for Toney Douglas and Lebron James

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    Re: Loaded! Lebron Rc Auto, Magic, Chris Paul Melo Kobe AU/GU's


    I don't want to risk lowballing you on anything, so I'd prefer to ask what prices you have in mind. I might counter offer if it's close, or take it if it's fair.

    - Chris Paul Chronology Canvas Auto

    I will trade by whatever standards you prefer, but ultimately I will only make a trade if I'd rather have what I'm getting over what I'm giving up

    Feedback profiles upon request
    SCF - 445; TR - 242; HK - 110; TheBech - 50; FCB - 10; Beckett (deceased) 100+; Showdowncards (deceased) 200+

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    Re: Loaded! Lebron Rc Auto, Magic, Chris Paul Melo Kobe AU/GU's

    Please PM me what you're looking for on these, thank you

    09-10 Contenders Jennings Auto
    05-06 Bowman Chrome Chris Paul 9.5
    04-05 Finest Ref. Paul BCCG 10
    Collecting Jeff Teague

    Building these sets currently:
    97-98 Flair Showcase Row 0: 79/80=.9875

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