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Thread: What is your best IP experience?

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    What is your best IP experience?

    I have had many... from meeting HOFers to college players... but my favorite is simply this...

    I went to the Saint Paul Saints International Baseball Showcase in mid-July, and I thought it would be a great graphing experience. I had cards and baseballs and of course Ticket Stubbs.... But after asking Tony Wolters to sign something (nothing bad twards him, I don't think he heard me) I decided to just sit back and enjoy some baseball and not worry about getting anything signed. That is until Canada beat USA 4-3 the next day. Nicky Delmonico was the one person I wanted to meet on the team and he hurt himself while running to first base. He sprained his ankle. I decided to wait after the game to see if he would sign a stubb for me. Sure enough, an hour later, I see him hobble out of the locker room on krutches. I asked him "Nicky can you sign this for me?" He said "Sure." I only had a pen, which previous experiences have told me that they don't work on stubbs very well... Instead of blowing me off, he asked for a sharpie. Soon we were surrounded by coaches and players each looking for a sharpie for him to use. Someone gave him one and he hopped over to the stone ledge and signed it for me.

    What a great person. He probably thought I would throw it on the Bay, but hell no. That is a PC item for life.

    A close second comes from my first ever Golden Gophers baseball game. My dad picked up a conversation with a random person... who happened to be the father of one of the players. He offered that we could meet his son after the game if we wanted to stick around. We looked for him, but couldn't find him, so we turned to leave, and sure enough I took one last look and he was there. His son came out of the locker room, and spoke with the 3 of us for a few minutes on everything in general, and my dad said "He has something he wants you to sign for him" and I handed him a ticket voucher. His dad had him sign a program for me too.

    What's cool about that is we headed to senior day at the Gophers game, and the players and fans can interact, and I thought for fun I would ask him to sign my ball. I handed it too him and he remembered me. That was really cool.

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    Re: What is your best IP experience?

    56 autos before one minor league game . another game 28 of 30 of lakewood blueclaws team while wearing home team cap

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