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Thread: New to the boards

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    New to the boards

    Hey everyone,

    Been lurking for a couple weeks but figured today was as good a day to make a post as any. I'm another one of those guys who started collecting in the junk wax era, have been out of the hobby for 7-8 years and am now getting back into it.

    I actually went home to my parents' house this weekend and looked through some of my old crap, including a Tony Batista 1996 Flair rookie card... PSA Gem Mint 10. As well as a Luis Matos UD Pros & Prospects rookie in a super thick screwdown holder. Clearly I knew what I was doing when I was building my collection.

    Anyways, I'm a big Orioles and Capitals fan so mostly collecting Nick Markakis, Matt Wieters, Alex Ovechkin and Michal Neuvirth.

    Eddie Murray collection: 483 unique cards - 16.00%

    Current Most Wanted Murrays:
    1977 Orioles Postcards #15
    1978 Hostess #31
    1998 Pinnacle Epix PLAY Emerald, GAME Emerald, MOMENT Orange, Purple and Emerald

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    Re: New to the boards

    Welcome aboard !!!

    The BEST Josh Johnson collection you'll ever see

    JJ count: Total Cards: 2,443 Autographs = 886, 1/1's = 125, Patches = 228, Jerseys = 209, Buttons = 2 and MLB Logoman = 1

    Also collecting: Dennis Northcutt, Titus Young, Bilal Powell, Josh McCown, T.J. Graham, Gino Guidugli, A.J. Vanegas, Tony Zych, Philip Pfeiffer & Mike Sims-Walker.

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