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Thread: How do I edit my entry on the FCB TTM database?

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    How do I edit my entry on the FCB TTM database?

    Hi all,

    As I mentioned in another post (viewtopic.php?f=57&t=111760), I had 2 TTM successes this week which arrived on separate days. The first mailing I sent back in mid-August, the second I sent in mid-September, each to a different address. I received the second mailing yesterday, leading me to believe that the first one was a dud and the address was incorrect since I had sent it a lot earlier and got nothing back. I posted a "failure" on the FCB TTM database this morning, and then sure enough when I checked my mail this afternoon there was the mailing.

    Is there a way I can delete the "failure" from the FCB TTM database? I couldn't figure out how to delete it, or change it to a "success".


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    Re: How do I edit my entry on the FCB TTM database?

    I would think you would have to ask a mod to do it for you.

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