Hey everyone. Once again, I'm trying to get rid of some of my spare stuff. There's not a whole lot left, but if you are interested in anything, reply or PM with a list of what you liked. I'm mainly checking Buckets, so drop me a line if you like anything!

05 Prime Patches Portraits Name Plate Patch #/73 Shawn Green

02 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quad Griffey/Green/Sosa/Burrell

02 UD Diamond Connection Bat Around Quad P. Wilson/Green/Giles/Helton

03 Leaf Limited TNT Bat/Patch #/25 Shawn Green

02 Authentix Jersey Unripped #/50 Shawn Green

01 SP Authentic Buyback Autograph #/340 Shawn Green

07 Topps Chrome Autograph Akinori Iwamura

05 Absolute Memorabilia TotT Quad #/100 Brad Penny

07 Topps Chrome Mantle HR History Red Refractor #/99 Mickey Mantle

07 Topps Red Hot Rookies (Wal Mart Exclusive) Adrian Peterson

06 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Patch 01/10 Michael Huff

06 Donruss Elite Zoning Commission Patch #/50 Tiki Barber

06 Donruss Prestige Stars of the NFL Patch #/25 Thomas Jones