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Thread: Sherdog: New Couture Deal Involves Fedor Fight in 2009

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    Sherdog: New Couture Deal Involves Fedor Fight in 2009

    "Under the new agreement, the UFC will also attempt to lock down a bout between Couture and No. 1 ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures) in 2009. The highly anticipated bout has been heralded as the fight of the decade."

    We’re gonna do everything we can to make that fight happen,” said White. “Emelianenko’s under another contract right now to another promotion and if we can work it out with the other promotion we will, but we’re not going to screw around with another contract.”

    It is believed Emelianenko recently signed an exclusive U.S. contract with the rival promotion Affliction Entertainment. It is not known how many fights Emelianenko has committed to. White said he would not be open to a co-promotion effort with the rival organization.

    “I think a lot of compromises were made on both sides,” said Couture, “but we’re both ready to try and move forward. We’ve cleared the air and we’re both in different places than we were a year ago. Sitting last year in legal fights was not something I’ve enjoyed.”

    Couture’s abrupt departure from the UFC last October dealt a significant blow to the world’s most visible MMA promotion. Zuffa’s inability to land Pride heavyweight champion Emelianenko played a prominent role in the Couture’s decision to walk away, as did the fighter’s discontent with his pay and treatment by the Las Vegas-based company.

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    Re: Sherdog: New Couture Deal Involves Fedor Fight in 2009

    As much as I would love to see this fight finally happen. I just don't think it will, or if it did, I don't think Couture would last very long with Fedor

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