Hey all,

A friend turned me on to FCB and this site and I'm glad he did. Just wanted to say hello. I started collecting back in the early 80's, grew up a Orioles fan and Eddie Murray is my all time favorite player. Got away from collecting about 90-91 and was recently re-introduced back into collecting by my brother in law and I am absolutely loving it. When I stopped collecting autographs were considered to devalue a card, now it's amazing to see all the different cards, auto's refractors, etc and I'm in the middle of a pretty big learning curve now!

I've gravitated towards the prospecting side a bit but my favorite products so far are the Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects although I have ventured and bought some Bowman Chrome, Sterling, Platinum.

Anyway I like putting together a set or two to keep and holding some of my favorite players and teams for the PC and selling off other to fund buying more cards!

Take it easy.