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Thread: Re-introducing myself here

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    Re-introducing myself here

    Hello all. I joined this site a couple years ago but was never really active so I'm gonna give this another go. For those who don't know me here's a quick rundown about me:

    My name is Brett and I've been trading online since 2002 with around 1,800 feedbacks on various trading sites (with no negatives) and another 1,100 or so on eBay with a 100% rating. I live about 30 miles from Cooperstown NY and I do have a membership to the HOF and I head there a few times a year.

    I'm not a fan of prospecting and would rather have a nice card of a HOFer over a prima donna like Bryce Harper.

    I don't believe in strictly using book value or sell value but more along the lines of "which card would I rather have?" I buy packs and boxes NOT for flipping purposes but for tradebait because this is still a hobby for me however if I do get the huge hit and I don't really want it,it may head to eBay to fund my collection.

    I collect Albert Pujols,Ike Davis,the 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary set and Smallville and Heroes in non-sports. I rarely trade for anything that isn't what I collect. I also have some harder to find NY Mets needs (mainly stuff I can't afford) and I like golf so I have somewhat of an interest in golf autographs and event used cards too.

    That's all I have to say for now so howdy and I'll try to be more active than before.

    I collect Albert Pujols,golf and Topps sparkly parallel sets.

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    Re: Re-introducing myself here


    Always looking to add to my vintage pc's and set needs, let me know what you've got!

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