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1/1 Sticker Shock


Jan 19, 2010
Maybe not what you were thinking when you saw the title, as I know some 1/1s sell for astronomical $. No, this is just me shaking my head in disbelief at the sheer cluelessness of some people to grasp a simple concept of market pricing. Disclosure: I have almost no interest in this card, it is merely a personal opinion & observation. If it were $10-15, I MIGHT have considered buying it.

I won't use names here so I don't appear to be calling any one specific person out. Probably not all that hard to figure out if you really want to do the detective work. This is a problem across the board with low serial numbered cards for guys most of whom will NEVER be more than commons though, not just 1/1s. Many never sell or eventually get heavily discounted until someone like me buys it simply because it fits into one of my collecting categories, but never above a bargain price. I know there will always be select fringe buyers who on occasion will pay more than seems reasonable to complete a set or some other theme. Frankly, I don't even see the guy himself buying his own 1/1 for this price, if he even collected cards or cared!

The card I am discussing showed up on COMC recently. It is a 1/1. Not a good one either, a no logo card. Seller is asking $80+ for a 29 year old .238 career hitter with 3 partial MLB seasons under his belt that don't even add up to a full single season. I honestly don't know if he has potential for a future breakout, but I am going to assume no. Not even close to a bargain at half the price, which is the best you can hope for on COMC. That is one thing that I do find irritating about the site. Let buyer make any offer they feel is fair. If the sellers can't handle realistic offers on their overpriced crap, then they can ignore them like they do on ebay. Too many cards priced well above market, even at half of the asking price. These sellers need a shot of reality, or the site just becomes another dumping ground littered with overpriced crap to wade through, like a majority of ebay's BIN/BO marketplace.


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Mar 22, 2015
Lafayette, Colorado
There's definitely a contingent of delusional sellers on COMC. Guys with stacks of cards stuck at 5-10x their actual value and no room for realistic offers. Overall COMC is an OK service and I probably buy a couple dozen cards a year there, but these guys are definitely irritating. Most sellers are alright but COMC has more than their share of hostage holders - probably a greater percentage than ebay.
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